About us

Automate your manual KYB work with AI

Arva's AI agents are faster, cheaper and more compliant than human KYB analysts. Book a demo below to see it in action.

How does Arva work?

Configure your procedure in our agent interface. Integrate via API. Arva handles the rest.

Cheaper operations


Reduce your operational costs by up to 80%

Stronger compliance


No human errors, fully auditable results

Faster resolution

< 30s

Cases picked up instantly and resolved in seconds, not days

What can Arva do?

Arva handles all the manual intervention work that a KYB analyst would typically conduct.


Verify an entity from Articles of Incorporation or other proof method. Configure prohibited registration jurisdictions.

Business activities

Verify an entity's business activities from a website or other proof method. Configure prohibited activities.

Operating address

Verify an entity's operating address from bank statements, utility bills, or other proof methods. Configure prohibited jurisdictions.

Tax Identification

Verify an entity's Tax Identification Number (e.g. EIN, UTR) from a CP-575 letter or other proof document.

Ownership structure

Verify the full ownership structure of an entity. Configure thresholds for further due diligence by entity type.

Executive team

Verify the executive team / directors of an entity.

Power of Attorney

Verify an entity's Power of Attorney from a notarized document.

Generate RFIs

Generate Requests for Information for mismatched or missing proofs. 5+ additional checks available.